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Department of Business Informatics and Logistics


Department of Business Informatics and Logistics of Management Faculty of Bialystok Technical University was established in 1998. The director of the Department is professor Joanicjusz Nazarko (currently also Dean of Management Faculty). The staff of the Department consists of 24 researchers and 4 administrative and technical workers.


The Department employees are members of many international associations as well as scientific and professional institutions e.g. Polish Society of Production Management, Polish Statistical Association, International Institute of Forecasters (USA), IEEE Computer Society (USA), IEEE Power Engineering Society (USA), Association of Polish Electrical Engineers.

Some employees of the Department are involved in the scientific work of the Polish National Foresight Programme and project of Polish Rectors Foundation named “Benchmarking in higher education”.

Primary research activity of the Department embraces: applications of quantity methods in management, artificial intelligence methods, management information systems, logistics systems, e-economy, economic forecasting, electric energy markets, productivity assessment in decision making units, benchmarking, foresight, management in higher education.
Many of the achieved results have been the subject of national and international scientific publications, conference presentations and other studies (www.libra.pb.bialystok.pl).

The Department regularly receives grants from KBN (State Committee for Scientific Research), participates in various international projects and carries out research supported from the Dean's and Rector's funds.

The current research works:

Scientific school of benchmarking and foresight in management of innovations (2008).
The number of research work: W/WZ/1/08
The head: professor Joanicjusz Nazarko

Information Society Technologies (2008)
The number of research work: S/WZ/1/2004
The head: professor Joanicjusz Nazarko

Information Systems in Management (2004-2008)
The number of research work: S/WZ/1/2004
The head: professor Joanicjusz Nazarko

Publications of Department in English:

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Specialisation of studies
The Department is the pillar of the business informatics specialisation. Graduates with this specialisation gain knowledge in the fields of informatics and related disciplines with emphasis on their applications in industrial enterprises, trade enterprises, service enterprises, banks, stock markets and civil service. Moreover, the Department offers postgraduate programmes in business informatics, logistics and forecasting as well as informatics for teachers.

Courses given by Department
Business Applications of MS Office
Web - Based Applications
Computer Systems Archicecture
Operations Research
Data Base Applications
Data Base and Information Management
Data Base Applications in Tourism
Electronic Office
Spatial Econometrics
Ergonomics and Occupational Health in Working with Computers
Technology Forecasting
Applications of Graphics in Management
Presentation Graphics
Applications of Graphics in Business
Business Games
Business Simulations
Information and Communications in Logistics
Information and Communications in Management
Decision Support Systems
Information Systems in Logistics
Information Management Systems
Informatics in Tourism and Recreation
Informatics in Management
Computer Science I, II
Infrastructure Logistics
Internet Based Business Applications
Internet Based Business Applications in Tourism
WEB Based Project Managment
Logistics Engeneering
Software engenrring
Computer - Based Managerial Accounting
Logistics Information Systems I, II
Information Systems in Logistics
Distribution Logistics
Urban Logistics
International Logistics
Manufacturing Logistics
Enterprise Logistics
Supply Systems Logistics
Computer Based Data Analysis
Optimisation Methods
Artificial Intelligence Methods
Artificial Intelligence Methods in Management
Six Sigma Methods in Production Management
Econometrics Based Modelling
Business Process Modelling
Decision Process Modelling
Economic Process Modelling
Modern Computer Based Methods in Production Process Support
Operation Efficcency Evaluation
Applications of Manufacturing and Project Management Software
Accounting Software
Introduction to Computer Science
Introduction to Computer Programming
Introductory Statistics
Introductory Statistics and Demography
Introductory Computing Technology
Fundation of Game Theory
Diploma thesis workshop
Professional industrial internship / Assoc. / B. Eng./ M.S.
Production Proccesses and Techniques
Information Processes in Management
Logistics Processes in E-business
Economic Forecasting
Forecasting and Simulations
Political Forecasting
Object Based Programming
WEB Applications Design
Advanced MS Excel Applications
Process Modelling
Design of Expert Systems
Design of Logistics Systems
Design of Management Systems
Productivity Calculations
Reengineering and Outsourcing
Elective Seminar
Computer Network
Information Based Society
Statistical Methods for Quality Control
Statistics and Demography
Mathematical Statistics
Descriptive Statistics
Economy Process Simulation
DRP Systems
ERP/DRP Systems
Geographic Information Systems
MRP/ERP Systems
Operation Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Multimedia Technologies
Information Technologies
Network Technologies
Introduction to Technology
Information Management
Quality Management in Logistics
Logistics Management
Supply Chain Management
Project Managment
Technology Transfer Management
Integrated Information Systems

The Department leads “ Regional Student Scientific Circle of Friendly Information Society Systems”