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Department of tourism and recreation

Department of tourism and recreation was created on 1st December 2000.

I. Teaching activity:

Department of tourism and recreation is responsible for student to make a study of tourism and recreation. People from our department teach students many subjects (below) on stationary and part-time studies which can pass bechelors's degree or master's degree.


Name of teacher

Teaching subjects


Professor Marcin Smoleński

Tourist geography

Tourist regions


Diploma seminar


Professor Elżbieta Biernacka

The basics of sustainable development

Managing of the environment

Diploma seminar


Professor Kuryliszyn-Moskal

Physiology of work and rest

Human physiology

Health education and the promotion of health

Health care in tourism and recreation

Diploma seminar


Professor Władysław Chiżniak

Propaedeutics of ecology

The global processes in tourism

Biodiversity in tourism

Diploma seminar


PhD Mikołaj Jalinik

Methodology and techniques of tourist


Tourist policy

Pedagogy of the leisure time

Diploma seminar


PhD Romuald Ziółkowski

Community tourism management

Propaedeutics of the tourism

Tourism management

Brand-name of tourist products

Geographical information systems


Information system in tourism


PhD Tomasz Ołdytowski

The history of architecture and arts

Tourist and recreational utilising

History of the culture

Protection of the cultural heritage

Diploma seminar


PhD Małgorzata Borkowska-Niszczota

Shaping ecodevelopment

Biodiversity in tourism

Diploma seminar


PhD Elżbieta Szymańska

Tourism's economics

International tourism

Research of the tourist market

Tourist company management


PhD Halina Kiryluk

Tourism management in protected areas

Tourism's economics


PhD Eugenia Panfiluk

Tourist geography

Tourist regions


MSc Anna Bogucka


Tourist and recreational utilising


MSc Jolanta Zuzda

Recreation and physical education

Physical education

Recreations events


MSc Małgorzata Bajda -Gołębiewska

Methodology and techniques of tourist

Tourist company management


MSc Krzysztof Stepaniuk

Propaedeutics of ecology

Geographical information systems



MSc Joanna Smalikowska-Sawczuk

Pedagogy of the leisure time

Theory and methodology of the recreation

II. Scientific activity

Leading research works at Technical University of Bialystok:

Tourism and sustainable development of valuable's areas, manager:  PhD Małgorzata Borkowska-Niszczota

Tourist database of podlaskie province, manager: PhD Romuald Ziółkowski

Agrotourism as a major direction of podlaskie province's development, manager: PhD Mikołaj Jalinik

Human capital in tourism, manager: MSc Małgorzata Bajda-Gołębiewska

Active tourism in offers of chosen agrotourism farms in podlaskie province, manager: MSc Krzysztof Stepaniuk

Quality of tour guide's services in podlaskie province,manager: MSc Anna Bogucka

Directions of tourism development in valuable areas, teamwork, manager: PhD Romuald Ziółkowski


2005 - Elaborating of the concept of the promotion of biodiversity and sights of Poland on the example of green lungs of Poland  - participation in the realization of the grant of the ministry of environment

2008 - Tourism development in podlaskie province in connection with sustainable development's principles - participation in the realization of the grant of the state committee for scientific research

Open seminars

12th of March 2008 - The possibility make forest areas available to tourism, professor M. Smoleński

2nd of April 2008 - Tour guide in the European Union, MSc A. Bogucka

23rd of April 2008 - Current condition and perspectives of agrotourism development, PhD M. Jalinik

29nt of October 2008 - Partnership in tourism, PhD Małgorzata Borkowska-Niszczota

26th of November, theory closer practice, PhD E. Szymańska

10th of December 2008, information availability as the element of creating the tourist image of the region, PhD R. Ziółkowski

Scientific conference organized by the Department of tourism and recreation

2002 - Information and promotion in tourism

2003 - Economics and organizational conditions of tourism and the recreation development

2004 - Marketing of tourist products

2005 - Major factors of tourism development in country areas

2006 - Regional aspects of tourism development

2007 - Tourism development in country areas

2008 - Innovations in tourism

III. Student's scientific association

The student's scientific association named "tourist" was established in 2002 at the Department of tourism and recreation. Students of stationary and part-time studies are members of the association, mainly second and third year. Student's scientific association "tourist" counts 26 persons and is working under the chairmanship of Danuta Szpilko. Meetings of the association are being organized twice a month. Default matters are being discussed at meetings: scientific conferences, seminars, tourist fair, papers, the scientific research, cooperation between universities.