wt. January 23, 2018
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Faculty of Management

The history of the Faculty of Management begins in 1990, the time of great political and economic changes in Poland. In that year the Postgraduate School of Organisation and Management at the Faculty of Civil Engineering was founded by the efforts of the rector of Bialystok Technical University of that time prof. Kazimierz Pieńkowski. The University possessing qualified staff, necessary lecture halls, laboratories and libraries was capable of educating students in the field of marketing and management.

In 1991 The Social Sciences Unit was converted into the Chair of Social and Economic Sciences which later evolved into the Institute of Management and Marketing (established on the ground of the decision of the Ministry of Education, issued January 21st 1993). First students started their studies in the academic year of 1993/94. The Institute offered undergraduate studies, but only five years later it was allowed to conduct master courses. In 2001 the Institute was converted into the Faculty of Management. It is currently the biggest faculty of the Bialystok Technical University and it is rapidly developing. The compound of modern buildings with catering facilities and wireless Internet form the faculty campus. There are already almost 10000 graduates of the Faculty.

The university is adjusting its educational offer to Bologna Process. It offers bachelor and master courses in the following fields: management, management and production engineering, tourism and recreation, logistics and political science.

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