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Department of Production Management


About department

The Department  of Production Management at the Faculty of Management, in its present organizational form, exists from the year 2006. The Staff of the Department  constitutes main group of lecturers contributing to the academic curriculum “Management and Production Engineering” in spite that those lecturers also participate in other curricula like :Management, Tourism and Recreation, Logistics. Some courses are also given at other Faculties,  e.g.  Faculty of Building  Construction and Environmental Engineering, Faculty  Electrical Engineering, or Faculty of Computer Science.

Research work: Scientific and research activity of the Department is focused on:

- Mathematical and computer modelling of technological processes, as well as modelling of other
processes occurring in production.
- Modelling of production systems aimed to reveal structural dependence of production systems 
- Methods of technology transfer, technology choice and evaluation.
- Analysis of innovativeness of technological processes.
- Effectiveness of energy production from renewable resources.
- Investigation of standards and parameters describing quality of electric energy.
- Evaluation of wind- and photovoltaic- power stations adjustment to the distribution grid.
- Evaluation of social responsibility of the enterprises.
- Energy economics on the local level with special attention paid to the renewable sources.
- The management the spatial development           
- Syntheses, sintering and applications of nanoparticles, especially concerning oxide nanoparticles.
- Protection of the intellectual property.
- Theory of signals.
- Municipal logistics.
- Analysis of vibrations, and problems of stability of mechanical elements.

The investigations are financed from such sources as: own means of Bialystok University of Technology, statutory works, external orders, research and development projects, governmental grants (NCN).

Publications of department in English (examples)
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dr hab. inż. Jerzy Jaroszewicz, prof. nzw.
prof. dr hab. Witold Łojkowski
dr hab. inż. Ryszard Skliński, prof. nzw.
dr hab. Andrzej Wasiak, prof. nzw.
dr Agnieszka Baran
dr inż. Joanna Godlewska
dr inż. Sławomira Hajduk
dr inż. Agata Lulewicz-Sas
dr inż. Ewa Rauba
Senior lecturers:
mgr inż. Ewa Dobrzyńska
dr inż. Wojciech Jarmoc
dr inż. Arkadiusz Łukjaniuk
mgr inż. Łukasz Dragun
mgr inż. Olga Orynycz
mgr inż. Krzysztof Kamil Żur

International cooperation
The staff of the department participates in numerous foreign cooperation projects e.g. with The Belorussian National Technical University in Minsk, with  Dźwigowo - the Forwarding Academy Sciences of Ukraine. The cathedral co-operates with many  academical centres in Germany, Finland, Belorussia, Russia, on Ukraine, in Italy, Latvia and Greece.

Didactic work
The main subjects of the Department’s teaching expertise concern the range of technical sciences with the elements of economic sciences: i.e. measuring systems, nanotechnology, industrial production processes, metrology, materials science, commodity science, technology of energy production from renewable sources, energy economy, legal aspects of environmental protection, ergonomics, quality management, logistic management.

Specialisation of studies
technology broker

Courses given by department

Academic Curriculum: Management and production engineering

Automation and robotisation of production processes,
Ecology of natural resources and environmental  protection
Electrical engineering  and electronics
Graphics for Engineers
Computer aided design
Computer aided environmental management
The logistics in the enterprise
Modeling methods in production engineering
Materials Science
Modern diagnostic and Measurement  and Control Tools
Intellectual property protection
Basics of technical diagnostics
Basics of the metrology
Basics of engineering design
The fundamentals of technology
Processes and techniques of production
Production processes in the industry P1
Production processes in the industry P2  
Proprietary rights
Measuring Systems
Technologies of environmental protection
Technologies of energy production from renewable sources
Technologies of polymeric materials
Technologies of energy production
An introduction to biotechnology
An introduction to nanotechnology
An introduction to technical systems
Safety Management 
Environmental management
Management of technology transfer

Academic Curriculum: Management

Communication in management
Intellectual property protection
Fundamentals of technique and technology
Basics of exploitation  and protection of environment
Occupational safety and health  management
The logistic management
Environmental management
Integrated management systems of ISO

Academic Curriculum: tourism and recreation

Natural scenery design
Formation of the natural environment
the Logistics
Intellectual property protection
Law in tourism and recreation
Occupational safety and health  management

Academic Curriculum: Logistics

Electronic Office
Ecology of natural resources and environmental  protection
Geography for logistics
Municipal Logistics
Intellectual property protection
Basics of the logistics
An introduction to technical systems
An introduction to commodity science

Academic Curriculum: Political science

Occupational safety and health  management

In addition  - staff of the Department participates in:
-the organization of trainings (in co-operation with Academic Entrepreneurship  Incubators),
-the organization of the courses / trainings supplementary to the courses contained in the curriculum  (AutoCAD, the training for the internal auditor of the integrated management systems, etc)

Student scientific societies
The student’s Scientific Circle of  Production Managements. Dr eng. Agata Lulewicz-Sas is the academic supervisor of the circle.

R&D and commercial projects
From 2012 Dr eng.  Agatha Lulewicz-Sas works on the reseach project funded by NCN: “Evaluation of socially responsible activities of enterprises”

Dr hab. eng. Jerzy Jaroszewicz, prof nzw. leads  the R&D project: The new technology of repair and diagnostics of containers for solid wastes and line for processing of wastes after their selective collection.

The staff of the Department have organized several scientific conferences, seminars and training workshops.
During years 2001-2013: three persons received the title professor, nine achieved the doctor’s degree, and two assistants have opened doctoral procedures.

Professor Andrzej Wasiak received the national patent for construction of the mechanical device for the optical microscopy studies of polymer samples under uniaxial extension. He was also honored with the Bachelor's Cross and later the Officer's Cross of “Polonia Restituta”, and was elected as a fellow of Committee of Production Engineering at Polish Academy of Sciences.

Acting towards elevation  of didactic process quality prof. Wasiak with collaboration of mgr Orynycz prepare new laboratory for materials science and commodity science, which is intended to introduce  students  to practical aspects of fields.

Secretary: mgr Katarzyna Szwedko tel. 85 746 9840, wz.kzp@pb.edu.pl