wt. January 23, 2018


  • technological bases of sustainable development,
  • mechanisms of technology transfer determining innovation,
  • tourism management,
  • tourist company management,
  • quantitative methods and artificial intelligence methods in management, information technology, logistic systems, economic  forecasting, electronic economy and electric energy markets,
  • concepts, application and prospects of development of financial and managerial accounting in global knowledge based economy,
  • enterprise valuation, securities valuation, International Standards of Financial Reporting,
  • service marketing, public organisation marketing and territory marketing, strategies of town and district development, consumer research,
  • conditions of continual education in Poland, decentralisation of public administration,
  • intergovernmental and non-governmental international organisations, international trade,
  • cultural and economic wealth of Podlasie,
  • political, economic and social aspects of international relations,
  • structural changes in transforming and changing economy, changes of structure of consumption, production and employment,
  • public organisation management, production and service management in a business enterprise.