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Department of Tourism and Recreation


About department
Department of Tourism and Recreation of Management Faculty of Bialystok Technical University was formed in 2001. Primary research activity of the Department is focused on economical, environmental, social and sustainability aspects of destination region management.

Research work
The Department staff are currently working on a two main long-term projects:
The development of tourist events in Podlasie voivodship (Chief Investigator: dr Krzysztof Stepaniuk)
Foresight as a tool for improvement management of tourism in the region (Chief Investigator: mgr D. Szpilko)

Publications of department in English
Sokół J.L. (2013): Recreational riding in the province of Podlasie, Economics and Management 5 (3), (in press).
Sokół J.L. (2012): The use of renewable energy sources in tourism on the example of the Podlaskie region, Economics and Management 4 (2), p. 39-55.
Glińska E., Kiryluk H. (2009): Shaping tourist image of the region on the grunds of non-material cultural heritage on the example of Poland: [ref.] EUGEO 2009 Congress: Challenges fo the European Geography in the 21st Century: 2nd International Congress on the Geography of Europe, Comenius University in Bratislava, Bratislava.
Godlewska J., Kiryluk H. (2009): Possibilities of development of Northeastern borderland of Poland using its natural and cultural amenities, w: Borderland society and culture in the face of civilization challenges, Z. Tomczonek (ed.), Wyd. Politechniki Białostockiej, Białystok.
Szpilko D., Bałkier U., Januszewska A. (2013): Tourist activity of the elderly in the area of Podlaskie voi-vodeship. Contribution to the study, p. Economics and Management 5 (3) , p. 9-24.
Ejdys J., Szpilko D. (2013), Problems of the strategic tourism management in the regions of Poland, Actual Problems of Economics 8 , p. 284-294.
Stepaniuk K. (2013), An importance of trust in the development of virtual systems of hospitality exchange in the opinion of polish users of couchsurfing.org, Economics and Law, In press.

The Department consists of 11 researchers, 2 trainee assistants and 1 administrative worker.
professor Janusz L. Sokół - Head of the Department
professor Sviatlana Sialverstawa
professor Henryk Sasinowski
dr Małgorzata Borkowska-Niszczota
dr Halina Kiryluk
dr Eugenia Panfiluk
dr Jolanta Zuzda
dr Mikołaj Jalinik
dr Krzysztof Stepaniuk
dr Romuald Ziółkowski
mgr Danuta Szpilko
Urszula Bałakier - Trainee Assisstant
Adrianna Januszewska - Trainee Assisstant
mgr Katarzyna Szwedko - Department Secretary

International cooperation
Universidade da Beira Interior. Department of Sport Sciences. Covilhã. Portugal, dr Jolanta Zuzda

Didactic work
Specialisation of studies
The Department offers a major in the Bachelor of Tourism degree which provides a special business emphasis on economical, environmental, social and sustainability aspects of destination region management. Graduates will possess the advanced knowledge in a broad range of fields and several usable skills for developing and managing of tourism businesses that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Courses given by department
Propaedeutics of ecology
Tourism market research
Tourism  policy
Policy in tourism and culture
Tourism and recreation economic
Tourism management
Tourism management on protected areas,
Tourist consultancy,
Tourist conduction
Student scientific societies
Scientific Circle “Turysta”

R&D and commercial projects
Participation in a Scientific Project - Influence of Polymorphisms in Selected Genes on the Character and Scope of the Exercise-Induced Adaptation Answers of the Body of Obese People. Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport, 2013, dr Jolanta Zuzda
Participation in organization of Podlaskie Tourist Fair, 2013, dr Elżbieta Szymańska, mgr Danuta Szpilko, dr Krzystzof Stepaniuk

The award of the Contest of the President of the City of Ełk for the best thesis connected with the City: The Influence of the tourism reception-communities on the example of the city Ełk, 2012, dr Małgorzata Borkowska-Niszczota
Gold Medal in the Polish Championship Relay Race in Nordic Walking, Koszalin, Poland, 2013, dr Jolanda Zuzda
Bronze Order of Merit Sport. The Minister of Sport and Tourism, Poland 2013, dr Jolanda Zuzda

mgr Katarzyna Szwedko - Department Secretary
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